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Our comprehensive API documentation is available at help.appacitive.com. You may want to checkout out our frequently asked questions.

API Status

You can check APIs or Appacitive Servers status page at status.appacitive.com for any updates about downtime or connectivity issues.

Download SDKs

Integrate Appacitive platform in your app in no time with the help of SDKs. For most of the popular platform like iOS, Android, Windows, JavaScript etc, we have developed SDKs and best part is they are open source. Do check out out SDK download page to download SDK and ready to use blank projects.

Getting Help

If you've read the documentation and are having some trouble, please feel free to get in touch with us - we would love to help.

File a Ticket

If you want to file a support request, feature request, or suggestion, our support site is for you. In addition to private support requests, we also have articles, public discussions and FAQs located there.

Email Us

Lastly, feel free to email support@appacitive.com - this will create a ticket at our support site and alert us.