iOS SDK Downloads

Version 0.9.1 - July 21, 2014

SDK Changelog

Version 0.9.1

July 21, 2014

  • Fixed a bug in reset permission method of Access Control class.
  • Changed a method name in APQuery class to resolve a name conflict with a Swift language keyword.

Version 0.9b

May 21, 2014

  • Beta release of Appacitive iOS SDK.
  • Includes support for Objects, Users, Devices and Connections.
  • Includes support for User Groups and ACLs.
  • Includes support for Emails.
  • Includes support for Push notifications.
  • Includes support for Graph Query and Graph API.
  • Includes support for Logging API calls.

Download Older Versions

Always use the latest version of the SDK, it will be most reliable and compatible with Appacitive API.

Version Download Date
0.9.1 Download July 21, 2014
0.9b Download May 21, 2014
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