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Getting Started

Integrate any of above mentioned products into your Windows based app using our .Net library. Integrate the library into your Visual Studio project.

To get you started, do go through following resources


Appacitive Core consists of following features.

Push Notification

Push is a great way to send timely and relevant targeted messages to users of your app and enhance their overall experience and keep them informed of the latest developments on your app. Appacitive allows you to send push notifications to your users in a variety of ways.


Graph queries offer immense potential when it comes to traversing and mining for connected data. There are two kinds of graph queries, projection (Graph API) and filter (Graph Query).


Checkout the download page for the latest release of Appacitive .Net SDK.


We have a number of sample implementations for your reference. You can browse them here.


You can checkout the source code for the SDK on GitHub. To contribute to the project you can Fork us on GitHub.