Getting Started with Appacitive Windows SDK

An overview of Appacitive Windows SDK, how to install and use, basic conventions and debugging, and more.

Error handling in the SDK

Failure behavior

Internal errors and API call failures are returned as dedicated exceptions. The SDK provides its own error space for these exceptions with each exception type extending the BaseAppacitiveException class.

Exception types

The table below details the complete error space for the SDK.

API Failures

The following exceptions are thrown in case the api returns a non 2xx status code. Depending upon the status code returned via the api, specific exceptions are raised.

Exception Type Status Code Details
BadRequestException 400 Bad request or invalid request data.
AccessDeniedException 401 The current user does not have access on the requested data.
InvalidSubscriptionException 402 The appacitive subcription for the application is invalid or has expired.
UsageLimitExceededException 403 API burst limits have been exceeded.
ObjectNotFoundException 404 The requested data was not found on the backend server.
UpdateConflictException 409 The revision of the data to be updated was different from the revision on the client.
PreconditionFailedException 412 A dependent pre conditional operation did not succeed.
ApiAuthenticationFailureException 420 Invalid api key or api session token.
UserAuthenticationFailureException 421 Invalid user credentials or session token.
DuplicateObjectException 435 Duplicate object.
IncorrectConfigurationException 436 Backend configuration for the corresponding feature is incorrect.
InternalServerException 500 Operation failure on the backend platform.
DataAccessException 512 Data read or write failure on the backend platform.
UnExpectedSystemException - Unhandled failure on the backend platform.

Non-api errors.

All non-api related errors (invalid data \ SDK not initialized etc) are raised as an AppacitiveRuntimeException.

Exception Type Details
AppacitiveRuntimeException This error is raised for all failures excluding backend API call failures.

Error space object model

The class diagram below shows the object model for the Appacitive error space. Click the image to view full size version of the diagram.

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