Getting Started with Appacitive Windows SDK

An overview of Appacitive Windows SDK, how to install and use, basic conventions and debugging, and more.

Installing the SDK via NuGet

The easiest way to install the appacitive .NET sdk in your solution is via the NuGet package manager. Incase you do not have NuGet installed, you can find instructions on how to install it here.
Once you have nuget setup, then to install the SDK via the NuGet package manager use the following steps.

1. Open the NuGet Package Manager console.

Open the NuGet Package Manager console. Select the project that you want to add the SDK to as the Default project on the package manager console.

2. Installing the SDK

Run the following command in the package manager console window.

    PM> Install-Package Appacitive

This will install the sdk in your project. If you have trouble accessing the package manager console, you can also install the sdk via the Package Manager dialog.

3. Initializing the sdk for your app.

To start using the SDK inside your app, you need to initialize the sdk. To do this, add the following lines in your app.xaml.cs file.

Import the sdk namespace.

using Appacitive.Sdk;     // Import the Appacitive.Sdk namespace.

Initialize the SDK inside your solution.

// Code to execute when the application is launching (eg, from Start)
void Application_Launching(object sender, LaunchingEventArgs e)
    //Initializing Appacitive .Net SDK
      {appId},           // The app id for your app on appacitive.
      {apikey},          // The master or client api key for your app on appacitive.
      {environment},     // The environment that you are targetting (sandbox or live).
      {settings}         // (optional) - additional SDK settings.

    //your code (if any)

Retrieving API Key and Application Id

You will need to replace {appId} by your application's id and {apikey} by API Key. To get these details, open your app on Appacitive Portal. API key for the app is available on your app's home page at the bottom. To get the App Id, open application details, by clicking on edit icon near your app's name.

Note: We suggest using the client key as API key to maintain security and controlled access on your data in client environments.

"Getting your apikey"

Compile and install from source code

Incase you do not want to use NuGet, you can always download and compile the sdk from source. The source code for the .NET sdk for appacitive is open source and is available on github under the Apache License.

On compiling, the required binaries will be available in the /bin directory of the source code.

Get the source code

GitHub .zip File

For any query or suggestions, feel free to drop an email to